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Chapter 1: e-Learning Content Analysis & Design

Chapter 2: 
Instructional Design Methodology  

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Chapter 2.1 - Introduction to ID Selection Method

Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies are what instructors or instructional systems do to facilitate student learning. Instructional strategies can also be described as the plans and techniques that the instructor uses to engage the learner and facilitate learning (Jonassen et al., 1991). Instructional strategies operationalize pedagogical models i.e. putting them into practice hence are derived from pedagogical models which in turn are derived from learning theory. Some of the examples of instructional strategies are promoting or supporting authentic learning activities, facilitating problem-solving, promoting collaboration and social negotiation, and providing scaffolding. Instructional materials that have been effectively designed with sound instructional strategy will facilitate desired learning outcomes for the students, enabling them to acquire higher order skills.


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