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Chapter 1: e-Learning Content Analysis & Design

Chapter 2: 
Instructional Design Methodology  

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Chapter 1.1 - Introduction to e-Learning

E-Learning is another way of teaching and learning. It comprises of instructions delivered through electronic media including the Internet, Intranets, extranets, satellite broadcasts, audio/video tapes, interactive television (TV) and CD-ROMs). It facilitates access to knowledge that is relevant and useful. E-Learning involves the delivery of education and training to anyone, anytime and anywhere. The development and delivery of e-Learning materials in recent times by several organizations and institutes is under-pinned by a desire to solve authentic, learning, teaching and performance problems. The success of e-Learning depends on how learning takes place, that is, the underlying pedagogy and the real value of e-Learning lies in the ability to deploy its attributes to train the right people to gain the right knowledge and skills at the right time. Education and training is poised to become one of the largest sectors in the world economy.

E-Learning is being recognized as having the power to transform the performance, knowledge and skills landscape. E-Learning is viewed variously as having the potential to: improve the quality of learning, improve access to education and training, reduce the cost of education and improve the cost effectiveness of education. E-content is very useful to learning purpose. We might use this facility without restriction of time and place. It is much useful to animation and audio & video effects which make subject understand with interesting to the learners.

E-content is facilitating to the teacher to effective manner. It is enhancing the learner knowledge level which leads to creative thinking. Furthermore, it gives possible to future generation happiness on the basis of enjoyment and attractiveness. In short, the ultimate aim of the E- content is abolish the disparity among the learners through effective education.


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