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  • UNIT 5.2
    Quality and eLearning Standards
  • Unit 5.4
    Developing e-Content
  • UNIT 5.5
    Live e-Learning

DECP05 - e-Content Creation 

Introduction To e-Content.

To create an information rich society where everyone, irrespective of caste, religion, race, region, gender etc., are empowered to create, receive, share and utilize information and knowledge for their economic, social, cultural and political upliftment and development.

Learning Outcomes
During this module, user will be able to understand the following:
• Define the definition and scope of e-Content material. Detailed explanation about the various attributes of e-Content, software and hardware requirements involved in delivering e-Content.
• Guidelines and “Standards” for creating e-Content as defined by agencies that set guidelines.
• Security mechanism and risk factors involved in developing and delivering e-Content.
• Learner’s type, Learner’s expectation from e-Content developed by user and its Delivery mechanism involved in delivering the content to actual user.


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