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Its safe to edit below ...

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Hello template

Subject Line: Welcome to WikiEducator!

Greetings {{{1}}}

I'm a WikiNeighbour and I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our dynamic community. We're 80,796 strong, and counting...

WikiEducators, like yourself have already created 157,395 pages and this is growing every day.


Chat to you soon.

What's next?

Please introduce yourself - Set Up Your User Page - and tell us about your activities and interests.

# (Click on the "user page" tab or link above. If you want some ideas about getting started, please look at some of your WikiNeighbour user pages for some ideas. Here is the current list of WikiNeighbours.

# Try your hand at the Wiki Syntax Check out the links below on getting started with your User Page. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time! There are many WikiNeighbours roaming our community, drop them a note and they will come along to help you out! (Go to the list of WikiNeighbours or click on the signature below.)

# Spread the word about WikiEducator. Please tell your friends, family and colleagues . Tell them that you are part of a very important effort to build a free version of the education curriculum by 2015 and we need your help. There are many levels required - primary education, secondary education (high school), vocational and higher education (colleges and universities). Encourage others to join the WikiEducator community!. For example, you can email them the WikiEducator brochurebrochure

# Be a WikiNeighbour for someone else. If a WikiNeighbour visits your User Page and helps you out, or refines your Wikisyntax so that your skills are better the next time 'round, pass along the favour!

Help on getting started with Wiki editing

There are a couple of resources on WikiEducator to help you get started. You obviously have an account already and may need a little help with the basics of wiki editing.

If you're like me and only read the instructions when you have a problem :-) - there is a quick start set of guidelines which should get you going.

If you have any questions please feel free to join our discussion list on Google groups which is a good place to get help from the community, or drop me a note on my talk page below.

Available licenses

Licensing jargon
Term Meaning
License A legal document outlining the permitted use (or lack thereof) of media. Only the copyright owner of media can apply a license to it.
CC Creative Commons, an organization that has written free licenses for public use. These licenses are prefixed with CC.
Attribution Giving credit to the author. In CC licenses, this is abbreviated with BY.
Share-alike Licensing works derived from a copylefted source in a similar fashion
Copyleft Allowing more permissive use than traditional copyright
Fair use A doctrine in which the public has a limited right to use copyrighted materials

If the media you are uploading is your own work, you have a number of available licenses to choose from. If you are not concerned with your rights to the media and merely want to add a file quickly, choosing an option from the "Best practices" section is a great choice. If you want to weigh what permissions you give and what rights you obtain, study each license and decide based upon your criteria. Following are a basic outline of each license, organized by best and better options.

If there is no appropriate license to select, you can set “None” and manually insert the proper license later on (for a list of all allowed licenses see Commons:Copyright tags). This is a rather advanced way, however, as it requires you to know the exact license template’s name.

“I don't know what the license is”
This isn’t a valid option, but rather a test to verify that you know what you’re doing. Images uploaded with this option checked will be deleted. Especially Fair use and other unfree licenses (like grants for non-commercial usage) are not allowed at Wikimedia Commons.

Best practices

"Own work, copyleft, attribution required (Multi-license GFDL, all CC-BY-SA)"
It is possible to publish your works under multiple licenses. This combination requires that the author of the media be credited for the work and any derivative works to be licensed similarly. This is the recommended choice, as it makes using your media files very easy while still allowing you to keep some rights to the work.
"Own work, attribution required (GFDL, CC-BY 3.0)"
Another multi-license, this option requires attribution and/or releasing derivative works under similar licenses.
"Own work, all rights released (Public domain)"
With this choice, you grant everyone the permission to use your image for whatever purpose they see fit. People don’t even have to credit you. Once within the public domain, your image cannot be relicensed later on. Other free licenses allow you to retain at least some of your rights.

Better practices

“Attribution 2.5” and “Attribution share alike 2.5”
These licenses were created by Creative Commons, who created a group of modular licenses which can be mixed in many variations. The two accepted Creative Commons licenses at Wikimedia Commons are “Attribution” ({{cc-by}}) and “Attribution share alike” ({{cc-by-sa}}) in every published version. Basically, “Attribution 2.5” requires crediting the author, whereas “Attribution share alike 2.5” requires people to additionally release modifications under this very license — the copyleft principle.
“GNU Free Documentation License”
The GNU Free Documentation License is the license used by Wikipedia for texts and is older than the Creative Commons licenses. It is similar to the CC Attribution share alike license, but additionally requires a copy of the full license text to be distributed with every collection of GFDL works, which is rather unwieldy for printing images on postcards, for example.


% Complete Page

The WikiEducators working at this resource, consider it to be
around 40% complete

This is a ballpark figure; modify this value only if you are the main authour of this resource, or rough consensus has been achieved in the talk page

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