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Hilary's demo


Prepare for PEAC meeting on Nov 10 to make maximum use of our time together. The Nov 10 session: PEAC will provide feedback to Health Canada on two questions relating to for drugs labelled for use in pregnancy. 1.Post-marketing Surveillance Strategies - Pregnancy Outcome Data 2.The Need for a Canadian Regulatory Framework.

Pre-Work: Survey

  • 15 people split into two different rooms (8-10 people to show up)

(have topics open - brainstorm out; flesh out the issues, bias, concerns, so when we come to the "hour", we will know where the conversation will be. In 2 breakout sessions, there will be 2 notetakers - Should I use Facilitate Pro?

  • Welcome (CHANGE TO: please check-in, and let us know that you're here - particularly if it is asynchronous) - UNDER headline - your name and organization....under participant topic sessions - Your Name, Then I will put in my Name (to set the example). Please visit as often as you like -

    • in the topic description, feel free to come back as often (not an RSS feed - the idea is not about email or notifications)
  • What outcomes are we looking for?
  • What issues do we need to consider for Post-marketing Surveillance Strategies ?
  • What issues do we need to consider regarding the Canadian regulatory framework?

(Comment.gif: In the wiki world, we can do much of this work on the wiki (FacPro is good for multi-criteria; for the rest of the world, FacPro is very useful for many purposes. --Randy Fisher 15:09, 31 October 2009 (UTC))



(very doable) (Comment.gif: Great way to introduce the tool, or a better process)

    • survey difference, from typical survey
    • several brainstorming flipcharts (more collaborative, interactive component)
    • allows you to reach out to certain people around certain questions - replacing emails back and forth
  • what's the outcomes; why is it important; and who's going to benefit from the outcome
  • idea of building on each others' comments
    • double dip - play with the tool AND hopefully the client will like it...


  • don't put too much up, so that they see the flipchart on the screen (1 sentence)
  • NOT about the technology...
  • I want the CEO to make a rah-rah statement
    • (1) when they login, 1/2 hour before the meeting starts - I want you to "sign in" as the first thing they do...OR
    • (2) Topic - what are your expectations for this session (1st conversation - so by the time they go with the real stuff, they're ready....and if they missed out on Topic # 1, it's OK - "icebreaker" in the conversation and the technology (DE-EMPHASIZE TECHNOLOGY - learning by doing, mindset

Don't Use Subtopics

  • people tend to use them too much - more likely categories than subtopics
  • i.e., SWOT - categories, or 4 separate topics
  • Tricks
    • subtopics are technically a subset of a topic (i.e., breakout groups - independent flipchart; and then F might be to have people brainstorm in separate flipcharts, and later on, we can merge them together.)
  • the brainstorm personal list mode - is where only one person will see what they're doing