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Welcome from COL, Video, Advocacy

Welcome video from COL, Ian Pringle (incorporating advocacy form COL)

  • Explain rationale for Effective Learning Programs & HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy
  • Explain changes in how Treatment Literacy is approached
    • this is a different strategy developed in response to community feedback - "YOU"
    • it's a major shift in how the struggle against HIV / AIDS is being waged

HIV/AIDS is an issue that often involves the whole community. It requires that people living with HIV, international, national, regional and local organisations work together. This workshop brings together community media with HIV community so we can collaborate on effective learning programmes that draw on both groups' experience and skills.


  • Checklist for learning programmes
  • HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy education
  • OER repository on Community Media CoP
  • This event: bridge / network between two (2) communities (HIV AIDS & Community Media)