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Community communication platform

In this page, I have three sub-pages. The strategy discussion room, the proposal design room, and the technical issues discussion room. As one can see, each sub page has it's one space. My goal is to design a system where, for example, members of a team working on different sections of a document are using wiki tools to filter up automatically their work to an editer working from the main page and on the main document. This is a great opportunity for oragnizations like ours who find themselves at time working collaborativly on a document while being posted in different parts of the world.

The example I am working on currently is for illustrative purposes only. It does not necessarily follow the hierarchy of objectives logic.

Strategy discussion room

Strategy discussion room is the space when the communitys comes together on a regular basis to report on the advancement of the strategy. The strategy space page has links to other pages for each of the four strategic objectives. Each of the strategic objectives, SObj1, SObj2, SObj3, SObj4 has linkes to a number of pages, one per intermediaie result, IR1, IR2, IR3, and IR4.

Strategic Objective 1 Provide access to potable for # of people

Brief description and summary of intermediate results.

  • IR 1: Impoved hygiene practices

The RANO HP project will begin by working with decentralized MOW regional offices, communes, private sector partners, and communities to increase local knowledge and understanding of the legal framework of the water and sanitation sector, and to establish Commune Water and Sanitation Business Plans (CWSBP). These plans will be based on needs identified in the existing Commune Development Plans (CDP), results from additional assessments of existing water and sanitation infrastructure, WASH related behaviors, and gender and other socio-economic factors. Assessments will also include a supply and demand analysis for water and sanitation services. Geographical Information Systems technology will be used to map potential water sources; This will enable the commune to make informed decisions regarding the rational exploitation and management of their water resources from watershed to public distribution point.

  • IR 2: Improved financing mechanisms

The project will work with three to five local microfinance institutions (MFI), including OTIV and Fivoy, as well as the Bank of Africa, which have or are willing to create branch offices or provide outreach services in the target communes to develop a range of appropriate water and sanitation loan products. These products are likely to be medium term loans (e.g. 3-5 years), which are currently outside the normal portfolios for MFIs. As such, significant institutional strengthening for MFIs will be necessary to ensure successful application of this new approach. To achieve this objective, the consortium will conduct initial assessments of

  • IR 3: Improved coordination mechanisms

The project will support communes to use their CWSBPs to leverage additional financing from other donors and banks, such as UNICEF, EU, or the ADB. The CWSBPs will be presented to the MOW to request additional resources to fund clear objectives and outcomes. The project will advocate to the MOW for using the CWSBP model as the standard approach to sustainably increase access to water and sanitation services in rural communes

Let's see if this shows up in the main page?

Proposal design room This is the space where projects design teams should come together to design projects.

Technical issues discussion room

This where I apply some of the learning and instructions from the tutorials. Project team could use the same space to experiment with new concepts and learn from each other.