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I love my job

the best thing about my job

  • My name is Addis Tigabu. I am 26 years old. I have the best job in the world, organizing Events. I have been working with this position for three years in GIZ formerly known as GTZ until i moved to ILRI since March 2011. I am loving my job everyday. I get to learn so much about it.
I sometimes fell like i was born for this. Even though there is a lot to learn from this i get to enjoy the ;;everyday education i am getting out of it. {| class="wikitable"


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Abyssinian Girl


  1. Personally as well as professionally, what i love to do is organizing events. My recent experience is that; i organized a weekend getaway trip to a place called Menagesha forest. The place is located 50 kilometers from Addis Ababa on the Eastern part.

What is Menagesha

The place is like a pandora, i felt like i was in the movie called Avatar2. while having a BBQ with many of my friends who went there, i realize that, they were all happy to be there. they were enjoying their time, giggling one another, flirting, talking about politics religious and many ;;;;more. Ifelt of my self because i made this possible.