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Employer:Gisela-Gymnasium München
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Please see my campaign page for the first elections to our new WikiEducator council!

About me

My Name is Günther Osswald, born in 1961, married, with 3 children, living south of Munich, Germany.
Since 1988, I´m teaching physics and mathematics in German secondary schools ("Gymnasium"), and I still like it!
Currently, I´m giving courses in differential calculus and astronomy, grade 11 and 13, at Gisela-Gymnasium München.
Ambassador for WikiEducator since May 2007.
Please feel free to contact me.


How I come to WikiEducator

Since I was 15 years old, I have come to find this world we are living in quite unjust. After my university studies, I spent 9 months teaching in the Philippines, discovering a great lack of good educators.
Later I went to other continents and was deeply moved by seeing so many young intelligent people without proper facilities of education.
I always wanted to do something about this, but only now really get started. Since some months, I´m reading about open and distance education (research literature) to find out, what I could do.
My dream is to build up a little company to produce distance courses in secondary mathematics and physics. I feel, I have collected so many experiences throughout the years, and want to share it with the world!  Maybe WikiEducator is an appropriate medium for this!

Projects 2008

Secondary_Mechanics, a course in Physics-Mechanics for and with participation of 37 students of my school

User:White Eagle/Wikiseminar2008

Projects 2007

Since July 4. : Development of a platform for Physics teachers

Since September 12 a physics course on mechanics with pupils of my school: Mechanics to Wiki

July 16. to July 27. : A math project with pupils of my school

Dormant Project: A one year course in astronomy.


My vision, of how WikiEducator can support open and distance learning ODL in secondary education (formal and non-formal) in the developing world.

My proposal for non-violent communication in WikiEducator

My contributions to debates in the General Forum (login required)

My thoughts of how to make good use of a wiki to support the educational community, includes an article for teachers to enhance their motivation for participation in WikiEducator

My Analysis of WikiEducator


First, I want to send my congratulations to the whole WikiEducator Community for having started up this project.
I believe in its success and want to contribute as much as possible.

Strengths of WikiEducator

WikiEducator is a promising project with revolutionary ideas to education:

  • Open and distance learning ODL is recognized as an alternative to formal education, and especially interesting for countries, that do not have sufficient financial means to grant adequate education for all of their citizens.
  • WikiEducator has the potential to develop into a new form of educational community.
  • The computer is seen in a new role as a medium of community support (by use of "social software").
  • Community values are: mutual aid, peer to peer review, empowerment of the weak and poor, peace and justice, free access to educational materials of all kind.

Weaknesses of WikiEducator

  • The objective of The WikiEducator project is still too vaguely defined ("complete curriculum until 2015"). We need smaller sub-objectives.
  • The group we address is too big ("the educational world"). We have to address and encourage the formation of sub-groups.
  • There is a lack of openness for the mentality of users from developing countries. Example 1: Some people (especially from Africa) are typically family-oriented. They may not be able to cope well with anonymous relations. They will not cooperate with other people of whom they do not even know the name. Example 2: We cannot expect the English of an average user to be well enough to follow our discussions. We exclude users from the developing world who may have got a poor language education.
  • There is a lack of recognition of sister projects. Already in my country (Germany), there are several projects of using wikis for educational purposes. Relations to those projects should be established.
  • The structure of the whole website waits for improvement.


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