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Contact-new.svg Wendy Fountain
Employer:University of Tasmania
Occupation:Educational Designer & PhD Candidate
Languages:English, Swedish

Introduction Learning outcome frameworks Learner contexts Learning design for open education Resources and technologies Assessment and OEP
Openness and open educational practices (OEP) Socially networked learners, formal and informal learning, digital literacies Connectivism, rhizomatic learning, transformative pedagogy Open design, sequence or sample, facilitated or self-directed, self-paced The OER movement, ‘native’ and open source technologies Open education and assessment
Open learning pedagogies Qualification frameworks, nested learning outcomes e.g. course/program, unit/subject, module Learner-led pathways, curating OER Authentic activities, abundant content, resources and tools Emerging assessment strategies
Locating open educational resources (OER) Evaluating, integrating and adapting resources Search strategies, repositories, licences
Creating OER Co-creating OER via learning activities Reuse, reworking, remixing, redistributing
Gaining credit for learning Accrediting learners Credit and non-credit options Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR), challenge-for-credit