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Creating a WIKI

This is my first wiki

My educational foundation

I studied in Egerton University and did Agribusiness Management.


Agribusiness Management is a combination of

  • Agriculture,
  • Business Management
    This is a picture of nature
  • and Economics

About my work

I do business development and my organization provides these services to rural entrepreneurs through training and capacity building. Our current focus has been on agribusinesses and we assist them to do their businesses better, increase agricultural productivity and improve their livelihoods.

I love my job and have seen people transforming their lives in a big way once they know how to do it. But I have also seen people who do not try and those have generally failed.

What type of training do we give?

Business Management training which covers:

  1. Working Capital Cycle
  2. Stocking and Inventory
  3. Selling and Marketing
  4. Costing and pricing
  5. Managing Business Relationships

Egerton University