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Customs in Isabel

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  1. To learn about Isabel Customs
  2. To understand what is valuable to Isabel people
  3. To affirm Isabel customs and culture

Development of Ideas and Storyboards

The Phase 2 of the project started with the opening of the discussions on ideas via the Google Group (linked top of this page). The Isabel FM radio communities are (except for Lelegia) linked by the PFnet email stations. Early ideas for content development were discussed.

Within the short time frame of the phase 2 of the project, some examples of completed content for Community FM radio (and Wikieducator) are required by end of June. Additionally, some face to face technical support and training is required to help the Youth coordinators and operators to learn how to use the networking and to organise their ideas via storyboarding.

With this short term aim in mind, it was decided to focus on two or three locations to demonstrate the process. Tataba and Sigana were selected, due to their proximity to Buala and their state of readiness following the attendance of key persons at the previous workshops.

A visit took place to Buala, Tataba, Sigana and Kolotubi communities between 23rd and 30th May, 2009. This process produced some concrete ideas building on the four themes selected during the March workshop (see outcomes of March workshop).

A one day workshop will take place at CYP on 4th June, to allow the wider stakeholder group to improve and build on these storyboards, and agree on how we can support the Isabel communities in their development. Thus, we will have at least four finalised storyboards to work with, by 6th June.

Development of content

The next visit to support the Isabel "FM communities" will take place between 6th and 13th June, again focusing on Tataba and Sigana, but hopefully with the attendance of operators fom Kolotubi and Susubona. This visit will focus on starting the development of the content from the storyboards.

Support from CSP, Ausaid

The Community Sector Programme (CSP) funded by Ausaid has granted SBD 121,000 (USD 16,000) to provide each of the Isabel "FM communities" with equipment to improve their capacity for community media programming. This assistance includes:

* 9 netbook computers

* 10 digital voice recorders

* 10 CD burners

Plus additional items.

Sustainability and ongoing development of community media in Isabel and Solomon Islands

The project is being carried out in close association with Isabel Provincial Government (IPG), and linked to their Youth Policy. It is hoped that the project will demonstrate through the Youth application the wider potential of the integrated, inter-modal communications. The Permanent Secretary, IPG, has been briefed and has requested recommendations on the on going support and sustainability of the networks. The consultant David Leeming will be briefing IPG on 8th of June, 2009, to develop such recommendations in close collaboration with IPG.

Storyboard workshops at Tataba and Sigana, May 2009

David Leeming, consultant, with Ellison Gito, Youth Coordinator IPG, Fraser Bako, FM operator for Buala, and Clifton Bazil, Commerce Officer IPG visited Tataba and Sigana (and briefly Kolotubi) between 23rd and 30th June 2009. One-day workshops were held at each village to develop storyboards for content development for the community radio, for the Phase 2 of the project.

The workshop agendas (briefly) consisted of:


  1. In four groups, select and discuss one of the four themes chosen for content development at the March workshop. In terms of the local views and impacts, identify some specific topics to develop community programmes, which are of relevance interest to the local communities.
  2. Introduction to storyboards. Some of the attendees were already familiar with this, from the SIDT workshop.
  3. Introduction to the various types of content formats and modes available
    • Interviews
    • Discussion and debates, with talk back
    • Narratives
    • Storytelling
    • Drama
    • Music and song lyrics
    • Wikieducator articles
  1. Continuing in the groups, develop storyboards for at least one of the specific topics and present to the group.


Networking with the wider community was discussed, and the participants noted the following possibilities for collaboration and thus obtaining support and assistance with content development:

    • Youth stakeholders such as participating members of SIDT have capacities such as script writing, drama, etc.
    • Rolley Bogese, Isabel musician, has volunteered to help develop musical content, i.e. by recording music for lyrics developed by communities about the issues
    • Guguha DLC can aid communities by creating Wikieducator articles and uploading audio content that communities can share
    • One idea already very demonstrable was to share local community news between stations. See the Youtube video below, for illustration of Sigana community radio presenting local community news
    • Text based ideas and content (storyboards, community news, lyrics, drama scripts, transripts etc) can be shared by PFnet email. Audio content can be burned on CD and forwarded to other stations and to Guguha for uploading.

At Kolotubi the FM radio has been inactive for one year due to a fault. It is now fixed. However, there is no Youth Coordinator and the FM committee needs to be reformed. The team met with and briefed the operators Selwyn and Janet, and the IPG Youth Coordinator is to help re


Sigana Group 1

Conservation and concerns about shortage of natural sea resources

  • People are noticing shortage of sea resources like shell fish which move slowly
  • Youths concerned as they and future generations need these resources for livlihoods
  • One example is the trochus shell, sold for use in carvings and important cash income
  • Sea level rise also a concern
  • Land based resources also affected such as wild pigs, possums, all custom foods now in short supply
  • Land owners must be educated to preserve livlihood opportunities for young people

This can be transcribed and an educational Wikieducator article made of it (by Guguha DLC)

Sound effects of sea etc
Music Presenter introduces Pre-recorded interviews about sea resources Narrative about why sea resources should be conserved Community opinions Summary by presenter Music – theme song
Theme song recorded by Sigana Presenter interviews 2 community reps with good story telling skills and knowledge of the issues
  • Interview marine officers
  • Andre/SIDT to record and burn/upload etc
  • Honiara and Buala
  • Interview fishermen about harvesting, the ones who are taking the resources
  • Researching background info in Internet (Guguha)

The narrative will refer to the previous interviews and also the UNDP conservation project might provide some input and ideas into this component. Networking with Moses via email will help.

  • MWYCA – essays, poems etc from school / youth competitions organised by Ministry/CYP/HCC to be sent to Google Group
  • Isabel stations can share info on the topic
  • SIDT programme Communities and Coast – Ender to facilitate copying some info to the GG in text form;
  • David to help SIDT upload advice to Wikieducator / with Guguha

With some good lessons learned to educate the community
0 1m 2m 12m 14m 17m 19m
20 min
Sigana Group 2 developed from original idea by Tataba

Reviving our customs – high lighting customs that are special to Isabelians. This can be a regular program.

  • Can highlight special customs in a regular series of programs
  • Community can be consulted to choose customs to highlight
  • Results can be transcribed and an archive of educational articles about Isabel customs created on the Wikieducator
  • Tataba selected "Gria" custom fishing using a team with a leader with passed-on custom knowledge, uses a net made of bush vine to catch offshore bonito tuna
  • Also selected by Tataba was custom pudding, a food that has a place in ceremonies associated with land rights etc
  • This addresses the concerns of elders that customs are eroded by changes in culture often perceived to be introduced by young people
  • Ender / Jody have some specific questions to guide the interviewer (will copy to email group), also will interview specific Isabel people (tourism, etc) to gather information about other customs such as custom sports, traditional custom cooking, clothes, lingo etc

Sound effects of fishing etc
Music Presenter introduces Presenter introduces and explains briefly about Kwarao – custom fishing with a vine Interview and story telling with elder Community opinions Summary by presenter Music – theme song
Lyrics to be written by Sigana with help from networking and song recorded with help from Rolley Bogese Can be repeated with different custom A suitably skilled elder or community member to tell the story in Pidjin language. A second version can be made using local language and also in English

The presenter will let the elder tell the story and then ask a few questions to fill in any gaps and clarify things.

0 1m 3m 9m 19m 23m 24m
25 min
Sigana Group 3

Influences brought back to the village from town, associated with youth and “urban drift”. (Work in progress)

Music – locally recorded instruments Presenter introduces Music

Theme song

Drama about the influences from town, written and performed by youth members Pre-recorded views of elders and other community members, about the issue Summary by presenter Music – theme song
* Suggestion that community can select best lyrics and award
  • Use mixed popular to youth - Rolley
  • Start lyric writing by networking

Youths can discuss and consult with community to prepare the outline of the drama. SIDT be asked to help with script writing.

  • Jody and Ender to lead script writing
  • Interest in peer pressure, to what extent is it affecting urban drift
  • Before writing script ask Isabel Youth
  • David to discuss and agree roles next week

0 1m 2m 5m 12m 17m 19m
20 min
Sigana Group 4

Disadvantages (ill effects) of Drug and Substance Abuse

  • Drug and substance abuse in Sigana is not a great problem. It was perceived that this was due to strong leadership of church and chiefs, working together
  • This program can therefore highlight positive ways of dealing with this issue
  • This can be an educational program shared with the other Community FM stations in Isabel
  • Start a Wikieducator article about the subject, SIDT (Andy) can upload graphics and images to support the article

Sound effects
Music Theme Song Presenter introduces Educational narrative researched by youth members Debate with invited panel from MU, Youth Leader, Chief Summary Music
* YMHP has a theme song
  • Suggest that they use it, or adapt it to Isabel / simple language / pidjin
  • Andy/Nelson to follow up and send lyrics by email also we can upload the actual song to the Wikieducator

  • Parents
  • Health workers
  • Affected people
  • Networking / Guguha can search Internet
  • SIDT has a Youth and Mental Health program, get advice from them
  • Get some information from the Coordinator of the YMH programme and send to Google group or pass to Isabel community (Andy/Nelson)

0 30s 1m 30s 6m 30s 18m 30s 19m 30s
20 min