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Welcome to... MY-CHEF.ORG"The My-Chef WiKi Project"

The The My-Chef WiKi Project looks to be a developing culinary repository of information that has contributors from all walks of life, from the casual food enthusiast, culinary students along with various levels of culinary Chef's from the Food Service Industry and Culinary Schools. Coming together for one reason "Our love and passion for Food".

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Wiki Concept

As defined my interest in Wiki and the Wiki concept is to provide a informational repository for culinary information. Thus I have created the My-Chef WiKi Project "The Art of Preparing Food", in addition to promote and help foster interest in the project I have written about it in my blog The Chef James Project. I have also added to the Culinary educational pages here on WikiEducator at Culinary Education/Cooking Glossary.

I fully believe in concept of community education and passing along to others to learn from as those that have passed their knowledge to me.

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