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wikieducator English

Topic 1:

Self Introduction


Students should have confidence in introducing themselves in English


To enable the students introduce themselves to other students using English language


flash cards, posters, vennguard sheets, vocabulary list


40 minutes


step 1:

Each student orally introduces himself or herself. For example:

My name is Valisi.

My father's name is Tovia.

My mother's name is Tina.

I stay at Fakaifou village.

My home island is Nukufetau.

I have six sisters and one brother.

step 2:

Each student writes sentences to introduce himself or herself

step 3

Students work in groups of six students per group. They practise the self introduction concept by introducing themselves to each other in the group, and then they write the sentences down in the charts for classroom display so that o ther students in the whole class can read the charts and know more about each other.

Assessment and Evaluaton

Teacher facilitates each activity and then provide positive feedbacks on the students' oral and written sentences about themselves.

Topic 2:

The Family and family reltionships


Students introduce their family members and their relationships to each other


To enable students show and talk about their family members and their relationships to each other using family trees


charts, vocabulary list, flash cards,Link 1, Pupil's Book Unit 1 'Family Life Long Ago', pages 7-14, The Me That I Can Seee', in Leaves, page 22


40 minutes


step 1

Teaacher preliminary assesses students' knowledge background about their family relationships by orally asking questions such as "Who is your uncle?", "Who is your grandfather?", "Who is your cousin sister?", "Who is your cousin brother?", etc.

step 2

step 3