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Brushes, Color, iDoodle2 lite, NetSketch, Sketches [1] [2]

Valerie Taylor is facilitating a series of workshops for artists interested in exploring iPhone painting and drawing applications. This new and exciting medium is great for quick visual "notes" as well as work that can be shared and displayed. We will "test drive" a different app each session. So bring your iPhone and your imagination.

iPhone Drawing and Painting at the hub on canal

iPhones provide new ways to be creative, and offer unique presentation experiences for artists and performers. Valerie Taylor is facilitating a series of workshops for artists interested in exploring mobile painting and drawing applications. This new and exciting medium is great for quick visual "notes" as well as work that can be shared and displayed.

As there are dozens of apps to choose from, we will "test drive" 1-2 each week. These painting and drawing apps are free or cheap (less that $5 each). Plan to purchase or download different app each session. Valerie will guide participants through the basic functionality of each app selected for the workshop, and provide technical support as participants explore their art in this media using the tools in the apps.

"Show and Tell" time each session will encourage everyone to experiment and provide feedback on their experiences with each app. There is something for everyone, regardless of style, experience and preferences. So bring your iPhone and your imagination.

The workshops will be offered on Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30am beginning May 11. Cost is $10 per class

If you are interested in this workshop, please contact Valerie.

Valerie Taylor has been teaching technology in business and college since the earliest days of the web and smartphone applications. Although she isn't much of an artist herself, Valerie enjoys helping others using technology creatively.



Brushes is a painting application for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Includes color picker, several realistic brushes, multiple layers, extreme zooming. A powerful tool for creating original artwork on your mobile device. Choose colors (including transparency) using the hue/saturation color wheel. Undo and redo. Layers can be rearranged, deleted, merged, and copied between paintings. Adjust the opacity of each layer.

Brushes is being used everywhere. Even New Yorker covers have been designed through this iPhone app. $4.99

early, Yorkshire sunrise


  • toggling the controls - show or hide the navigation bar and toolbar by tapping the screen once
  • access the eyedropper - tap and hold for half a second to bring up the eyedropper tool
  • double-tap the corners of the screen to access commonly used functionality: * Top Left - Switch between brush and eraser * Top Right - Change brush size * Bottom Left - Undo * Bottom Right - Redo
  • use the standard pinching gesture to zoom in and out.
  • during the pinch, you can also scroll by moving both fingers in the same direction. Lift one finger to scroll without changing the zoom level.


  • Color - hue, saturation, brightness, transparency
  • Brushes - size, pattern
  • Eraser - opacity, pattern
  • Layers - add, collapse
  • Undo / redo
  • Eyedropper
  • Brushes Viewer - free application for Mac OS X, to replay your painting stroke by stroke, export the painting at very high resolutions (up to 1920 x 2880), export the replay as a QuickTime movie

Try this...

  • still life
  • interior
  • exterior, landscape
  • check - Flickr groups to show off their app art creations - Brushes


MoMA Art Lab iPad App

also available - MoMA Abstract Expressionist - video tour - iPhone free

iDoodle 2


iDoodle 2 is an iPhone app from the same folks who make iDoodle web app. There are two editions of this app - iDoodle lite (free) and complete edition of iDoodle2 is $0.99. Variable fountain pen and eyedropper instrument are useful for a perfect sketch.


Tools - shapes with line and fill color selections

Try this...

Tools, tutorials

  • Make your own Stylus - First of all I don't take credit for this idea........After searching a whole bunch of videos i came up with this. I was looking around for an easy way to make a stylus pen with the least amount of materials. So I found a little dish sponge and cut a long piece and stuck it into a pen....all u need is a pen and a sponge and possibly scissors to trim pen at the tip.

More drawing and painting apps

There are thousands of creativity apps that include some components of drawing and painting. Some of these apps come in versions for multiple mobile devices. A few are for iPads only. Some are intended for working with photographs as the starting point.

  • Drawing Pad - Create photo-size drawings using art tools like crayons, markers, paint brushes, colored pencils, and more. Darren Murtha Design $1.99; iPad
  • Doodle Buddy - Draw using tools like finger paint, glitter, stickers, and chalk, and add to drawings with text, stamps, and sound effects. Pinger Free; iPad
  • Toontastic (drawing and narration) - Create animated puppet shows and sync to narration. Launchpad Toys Free; iPad

Top 10 Best Drawing & Painting Apps For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch http://www.zenilshroff.com/top-10-best-drawing-painting-apps-for-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch/

  • Sketches - direction-finding blocks at the top section for better drawing. There are preloaded plans and it can provide direct illumination. There are 24 colors from where you can select your choice. The cost is $1.99 only.
  • Colors - iPhone drawing app and the qualities are very similar to disengage. You can visit the homepage of this app to know that how useful the app is. The cost of this app is just $3.
  • NetSketch - sharing feature. When the application opens, users are presented with a list of their drawings, each with a small thumbnail and the title listed. A gears button allows users to delete, duplicate, or rename sketches, while an add button lets users create a new drawing by entering a title and selecting whether to share it with the just a certain group, all local users, or not share it at all. ($6)

  • Love Art: National Gallery London This app is called as a gorgeous museum app which includes the combination of audio as well as video presentations. These presentations are inspired by the collection in museum. Therefore it can be a brilliant tool for artists to learn new things. The price is $2.99 only.
  • TypeDrawing The beauty of this app is the creation of new design through a single letter. It uses these letters as their drawing tool. Therefore you can draw with the help of text. This is one of the most innovative ways to drawing the new pictures. The cost is $1.99 only.
  • FlipBook Love to use animation apps? This is among the best animation apps available for your iPhone. Reproduction of images is possible through this app and transparent structures are highly attractive. It costs $4.99.
  • Finger Paint This app is very handy if you want to enjoy finger painting. Your iPhone can help you to draw this painting and you can get the complete control on colors, and size of the brush. The cost is just $0.99.
  • ColorTilt You can finger paint in 4,096 colors through this app. 3D graphic effects can be drawn effectively with this app. Very useful app priced at just $0.99.
  • SpinArt You can produce spiraled art effects through this app. You can swipe the canvas at varying speeds. Another very useful app priced at just $0.99.

more reviewed apps

  • Blackboard, ColorTilt, ColorTouch, DoodleIt, Gesture, iGraffiti, No.2, Paint, Squiggles [3]

Learn more...

  • YouTube - reviews, demos, watch the artist at work

doodle TEDtalk - artistic process - scribbles meanders labyrinths & mazes spirals almost-perfect circles circles with radials - out from circle circles with aligned radials - spokes intersect parallel figures - circles, oblongs with arms, legs, faces rectangular figures - long bodies in a row oblique figures - separate head, more detail