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Winter 2012 This website finds directions and maps with live traffic, satellite view and other features. (JK) This website helps to find jobs and also contains advices and resources for job finders. (Jk) This website is an online student transfer information system for public California colleges and universities. (JK) This website is a great place for organizations to post volunteer positions and for potential volunteers to search for opportunities that fit their interests (KP) Etsy is an online market that functions much like Amazon, only it offers unique products, often vintage or homemade! One great feature is the "shop local" option (KP) This is a website where you can play classic arcade games online. It's a great alternative to Solitaire (I suggest Tron, it's harder than it looks) (KP) Here's a fun one. This website plays the soothing sound of rain that goes perfectly with a warm cup of tea. You can change the volume from thunderstorm to drizzle and everything in between! (KP) When in need to translate text in any language google translate comes to the rescue, one can translate a full page of text using this free technology very accurately. (AC) This site helps students by preventing them from plagiarizing, bibme is a great site to create bibliographies in any format for any type of source. (AC) If you suffer from constant stress this site offers effective ways to decrease your stress via games, meditation videos and other stress management skills. (AC) This is a place where you can go to get different exchange rates of different types of currencies (DM) Keeps track of the current amount of debt the United States owes (DM) Compares the many different types of credit cards and their features (DM) Has the latest release of the hottest shoes coming to the market (JF) This is a site that host offsite storage space for people to store data (JF) Easy way to store files and share them among one another (JF)

Audiko Make your own ringtones for free (JS)

MyFitnessPal free diet/fitness community—support to achieve weight loss goal (JS)

Pandora Free internet radio (JS) No need for explanation!!! (LT)

Stumble Upon - This site is a site that stumbles you upon random websites and is an awesome time killer. (SG)

CNET - This is a site that allows you to review new tech, view podcasts, download free software, and a lot more. (SG)

Khan Academy - This website has a virtual library of videos that teaches you math, science, computers, and all sorts of other topics really well. (SG) allows you to see the world in a virtual and curious way. (VC) tells you what you need to know in this weird, weird world. (VC)

Summer 2011 Online project collaboration tool used by over 5 million people. (IM) Cloud storage solution for your notes, files, information, etc. (IM) A user operated website that rates current websites based on popularity. (JL) Google's answer to Facebook which offers more privacy settings and control. (JL) the largest internet search engine for professors' ratings (HS) helps UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and UC Merced students to arrange class schedules, look up for textbooks, look up for professors' ratings and provide exam files to prepare for tests (HS) a great online bibliography website that helps you create a bibliography in both MLA and APA formats. It even has auto-citation features for some books and websites. (MeF) This is is a great site for health issues and questions about symptoms and diseases. On the downside, it also might make the hypochondriacs in the world more neurotic. (DM) A good site for primary school teachers. Has a lot of information but it also has too much annoying advertising. (DM) A citation generator that I've used for years. (BB) This is MIT's open courseware. It is an extensive database that has video lectures, previous exams, homework problems, and solutions. (BB) / A site that allows viewers to watch current episodes of TV shows for free. (ST) / A place to look for recommendations of good restaurants and businesses around any area. (ST)

Summer 2010 - The largest online video training tutorials database that I know. It provides super-easy-to-comprehend video tutorials + includes the example files. -AV- - Similar to, online video training tutorials. It covers most softwares,computer languages and other digital goodies. -AV- - Tutorials on Photoshop(MP) -tutorials on HTML and CSS coding (MP) Video site like YouTube. (BS) Free internet radio. You can create your own stations based on the music you like. (BS) (NH) Great classical station from USC. (KB) Free legal advice fro Law Guru. The advice is free and if you pay you will receive a legal response quicker. (NH) Free Internet Radio Free calculating tool that even has scientific calculator. (KL) Free website to find synonyms. (KL) / Free online dictionary. (KL) / Free articles. (GL) / Free dictionary for slang. (GL) A multi-platform instant messaging tool that does not require you to download anything to your computer. *AR* A tool for organizing, editing, and uploading photo albums to the web. It was created by Google *AR* Free software that will insure your internet service provider is giving the bandwidth paid. (SC) Free software for recording and editng the sounds coming from the computer's speakers. (SC) - A multilingual technology weblog and podcast about consumer electronics. [] currently has nine separate websites, which cover technology news in different parts of the world in their respective languages. -AV- - Easybib is free bibliography and citation makers that through various input, outputs either MLA or APA format citations that can be used for work cited pages, for example. **** R.R. **** - This website is a free website that allows people to sign and post their own podcast on various topics. The website allows for free unlimited storage of podcast, unlimited bandwidth, podcast templates, help, and most importantly free membership. **** R.R. **** Free website builder, design, domain and blog -MP- Free plagiarism checker -MP- - This website lets you donate 10 grains of rice and strengthen your vocabulary at the same time. Each time you correctly guess the meaning of the word listed, 10 grains of rice are donated by the United Nations to the World Food Programme to end hunger. - DH - This website asks you to answer a trivia question. Whether or not you answer the question correctly, the website will donate 10 pieces of Kibble to Animal Shelters. The next day you can see the correct answer and how many people got it right. For cat lovers, there's a separate website to donate kibble too.( - DH website detect for any plagiarism in the work that students submit - ST This website has free music software such as allowing you to compose music for free.-ST - this is a site where you can setup your own blog that you can either leave under your real name or an alias. If you want, you can pay for extra features. -EG - this is a pay-by-account site that many businesses and solo proprietors use. You can pay bills, send money, etc but you don't have leave money in your paypal account to use it. -EG a great resource to access newspapers from around the world. - RC I found this to be a great site for websites written in foreign languages. - RC - Another powerful yet new search engine created from Microsoft. -AN

Citation Machine ( "Helps students and professional researchers to properly credit the information that they use" (David Warlick of The Landmark Project) -AN

MobileMe ( - "Automatically syncs your email, contacts, and calendars over the air across all your devices. It helps you find your lost iPhone or iPad. And that’s just the beginning of what MobileMe can do for you." (Apple) -AN

Backpackit [1] A free to use (but to upgrade it costs a little bit) organization tool for business or personal life. -TJ

Wesabe [2] A free tool to download to help you manage your finances. -TJ

Fall 2009

  • add your suggestions along with your initials --vt - communicate with high-tech professionals--rw3 - communicate with high-tech professionals for technical education--rw3 - gatget website for those gadget junkies. jr - get together to learn and share something --HHC - very similar to Facebook.--HHC - a populare social netwok. jr - find any guitar chord.jr

These two Web sites have lot of software, some are free, some are trial version, and lot of other technoloy related information:, --CV a free social network which also has games and applications. DF a website that has free mail, games, weather, directions, and many other things. DF

The infamous free office applications: --DMV

I have used Facebook to reconnect with allot of my family and friends: --DMV

I would call provides lyrics to a variety of current and old songs --DS

I also like listing of free wifi hotspots all over the US --DS - The most popular online search engine - SD - The biggest online video site - SD - Online TV shows, music, variety of videos, video games, movies and so much more on this site. --AA - Google Documents offers free spreadsheets, word processing, presentation, and other software. - AL - Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) gives you all the guidelines for certain writing styles like MLA and APA. - AL

Someone already chose Google Docs, so I chose Live Mesh is a "cloud" service provided by Microsoft, in beta, to synchronize and share your data across your digital devices. -ST

Check out some of the current popular scientific achievements at: It's very cool, don't miss it! --BH

Need to ask something? Just -CM

The place to go before Wikipedia Britannica -CM couple of handy gadgets -MS

No gadgets but good source for how things work -MS

Add-on for capturing information as you go to cite correctly

Technology for sport: The site also has indexes of different scientific inventions. --BH

Free online virus scanner: Free online file storage / backup: --DKW

XBOX LIVE perhaps one of the greatest sources of recreational and social technologies ever. - AT

Twitter another great social networking tool. -AT

Yelp is always to best place for restaurant and entertainment recommendations. -YL is the british news broadcasting will all the international news -BR - A fast and easy way to connect with friends and know what people are doing instantly. Social networking site. - EW one of the best sport channel and sport news websites -BR Microsoft Security Essentials is Microsoft's free virus protection software -AR one of the best price compare websites -AR free word builder engine, useful for difficult scrabble games, and for word lists -KM Major networking site with games, and a MMORPG -KM

Summer 2009

Playstation 3 Online - Is free unlike xbox live and is home to a social network of millions of people that talk and play together. WR

Iphone - The best selling, most creative, extremely convenient piece of technology to say the least. Along with hundreds of thousands of apps that can simply, organize and manage your life and the things you do. WR - Where people and buisness can post items for sale (used and new). Best place to buy anything for the best price.(better than ebay).WR

Google Search Engine for new and old news articles
-VM download free programs and software free software if you have a MAC -J.M. - free internet radio. You pick a song or artist you like and it plays other things that are similar to your taste. The more feedback you give, the more it tailors the music to your liking. -MK

"Son of Citation Machine" at - enter the information for the source you wish to reference and this will give you the proper citing format in MLA, APA, and Turabian citation. -MK, fully comprehensive forum and deals site encompassing even things not technology. -LK, a place to download torrents. -LK

Google documents, great if you dont have ms office -JS

Firefox. a safer to use internet explorer -JS

Download. com is really helpful to download some basic software. Yahoo or gmail or any other free email accounts are really useful to have. - SA - A website where people can write and help improve program script. -KB - A project website that creates fact based answers for free. -KB - A website where you can find anything that people are selling locally. It's local classifieds on the web from plants to furniture for sale to free dirt. It's a great way to reuse something from someone else, reduce on the shipping to and from, and recycle what you don't use. And it's local. - RJ - Download3k is a website that offers free software downloads for Windows. -AE - Smilebox is a photo service that lets you quickly turn your pictures into digital creations. The site offers hundreds of ecard, scrapbooking, and slideshow designs for every occasion. - AE - a popular social network site which allows you to connect with friends, co-workers, business, family, anyone. -JV - a popular site which gives you ratings and reviews for restaurants, places, etc. - JV popular web video sharing site that provides opportunities for individuals to store short videos for private or public viewing. -AE PZ