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ohhh dear this is somewhat complicated the gut wrenching experience of seeing some one being burnt alive and running around in flames such was the beginning of my innocence being violated.Yet some of my peers went on and cheered on and kept chanting Impipi. It was my welcome to the city of gold Gauteng.

The getaway

swizz chocolate
Soon i was whisked off to a a nearby block of flats where a getaway car was waiting to take me to different world at least it felt like it calm with well manicured gardens the aroma of sweet flowers and was met by a welcome smile a smile i was familiar with and hugs and kisses and tears of joy you are safe u phephile mtwana wa mtwana wam.

Districts in Botswana

  1. South East
  2. Kgatleng
  3. Kweneng
  4. Southern
  5. Central
  6. North East
  7. North West
  8. Kgalagadi
  9. Ghanzi
  10. Chobe

for further information visit University of Botswana