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Contact-new.svg Violeta Chirino
Employer:Tecnológico de Monterrey
Occupation:Academic Development Director Campus Ciudad de Mexico
Languages:Spanish, English, Italian
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My Profile

Professional Background

  • Public servant for Mexican Government in Agriculture and Technology Transfer Sectors
  • Small business consultant
  • FAO and WB national specialist
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Teacher in Franchising and Organizational learning
  • Educational Techonology Researcher at Tecnologico de Monterrey Ciudad de Mexico Campus
  • Consultant in Instructional Design, on line courses,educational technology solutions & franchising.


  • Doctor in Innovation and Educational Technology
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Agroalimentary Systems Economy
  • Bachelor in Economics

My Interests


Educational Tecnology focusing innovation; Knowledge management, Organizational learning, franchising


Travel, human development, historic novel.


My Projects


  1. Mobile learning knowledge management for undergraduate and senior high on face to face ambiances
  2. Franchises development
  3. Innovation in educational technology

Mobile learning in Tecnologico de Monterrey (spanish)

My Sandbox


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My Reflection

As it can be seen my proffesional development has been evolved from my original economics background to education. The reason in the bottom of my self development process is that I strongly believe that humanity real problem is not education but learning. I mean that we as human beings ussually are not used to learn but to be teach, so creating an eternal dependence from the "source of knowledge". I have seen this not only at school but in small business an even in governmental offices were I have worked at. - I really enjoy what I do now research and development, searching for new ways to help university professors to develop their own learning processes to teach, to find new ways for students to approach to knowledge. I am hardly trying to do so by experiencing myself new ways to take advantage of new technologies; to discover their potencialities for learning processes and hardly try to collaborate with peers all over the world. - Nowadays I am engaged in the Mobile learning project with the goal of integrating a worldwide network taking advantage of the findings my team I myself have made and the possibility of oper research lines on the project my University is now carring on. Also I am in the fist stage of development os an Reseach Center focusing on Innovation,

My Research

Mobile Learning Research

Research Lines at Tecnologico de Monterrey