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Web 2.0 for Development is a very informative and interesting course. The concepts I have learnt in the course sessions are applicable in my line of work and will go a long way in assisting me to carry out research and in development work particularly Unit U02 on accessing and searching for information. The section on alerts and RSS feeds will save me a lot of time. i have learnt that i do not have to visit sites and get the information i require as there is a lot of information out there. Receiving alerts on specific topics, items or events will assist in narrowing down the information filtered to me and improve on relevance.

Concepts learnt under U03 will greatly assist in sharing information and articles on what is happening in the industry especially for media and policy mapping. U04 is particularly useful in editing organisation documents such as the annual report and annual work-plan without emails having to fly back and forth.



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My dream car list

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