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The NCERT has provided individual computers to all the academic faculty of the constituent units. The states are also having these facilities. For example, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced Computer Education in 6500 Secondary Schools. The same situation is prevailing in other states also. The IASEs, CTEs and DIETs are also equipped with these facilities. This facility will provide the opportunity to think about using of this technology in various Pre-service as well as In-service programmes of the institute. The RIE, Mysore has undertaken Web-based Training Programme to the DIET faculty of Karnataka ( ). The similar exercise is in the process for providing training to SCERT and SIET faculty of Andhra Pradesh ( ). These programmes were planned by using wikieducator (The Official Website of COL). There is an attempt for using the same for Pre-service Programme of the Institute as a part of M.Ed. Course each student is asked to create their account and link to the site. They were provided the reading material. The details are available in This experience will help the institute to plan for follow-up activities. There is a need to provide a Capacity Building Programme to the NCERT faculty to make use wikieducator effectively. Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, Education Specialist, e-Learning and ICT Policy, COL, Vancouver, Canada expressed his willingness to collaborate with NCERT for the Capacity Building of NCERT faculty. This will help the NCERT to develop Open Education Resources (OER) for School Education as well as Teacher Education. The COL is willing to provide the expedature for facilitator(s) as well as in country travel and accommodation. Therefore, the RIE, Mysore can undertake a Capacity Building of Teacher Educators in Online Learning by using WikiEducator. This could be done in a face –to-face workshop