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Iam Victoria Mfum-Denteh, popularly called Lady Singapore. Icome from Kete-Krachi which is the greatest town in the Volta Region of Ghana.I am married with two beautiful girls. Ihave been a nursing tutor for ten years. I hold a Masters Degree in Educational Management and Administration.The food i like best is fufu and bush meat soup. My hobbies are gardening, singing and dancing. Ihave never travelled outside Ghana. The country i like to travel to before i die is SINGAPORE. I would be grateful to any one who would help me do that.

Who am i

  • Iam Victoria Mfum-Denteh*
  • Icome from Kete-Krachi*

What i do Iteach nursing students

My hobbies =gardening =singing =dancing


[http:/ Go to cnn for more information]