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I am a student in CIS50; I am taking this course because it is a requirement, but I do find Information Systems very interesting. I want to learn the fundamentals of today's technologies.


Will you be gone for vacation and don't want your pet to leave the comfort of its own house? Worry, no more. with the "Stay @ Home Pet" app on iphones or droids, you can feed and play with your pet with just a touch of your finger!

USERS: Pet loving individuals.

User information: What their pet needs and how the app works.

Available Information: Where the water/ food dispensers are.

WHAT - a wifi-enabled program/ software similar to that of iPhone's face-time that enables two wifi-enabled devices to connect simultaneously. A web-cam that is available 24 hours a day with microphone will give user access to pet-cam any desired time.

HOW- any software that allows and grants real-time streaming will be used with the wifi enabled computer to transmit video and sound to an i-touch or any wireless device. Application programs that connects to the app database will be used.

My lifecycle project is all about being at your own home as your virtual self; like having a eyes in your home anytime you want. Yes, there are products that are commercially available. Wireless cameras and their operating systems (apple iphones/ i-touch (es)). There is an app that comes with the live-camera package. The cost of the camera itself is around 300 dollars and the app is around 3.99. Buying the hardware is obviously more expensive. Having no experience building cameras, it'd still be cheaper to buy the camera. Time to implement is really important so we can make sure everything does what it's supposed to. Delays, such as buffering may impact the business harshly. People will start to get annoyed and cancel their service to such a wonderful app. Competition will be any security camera- iphone link. They offer yearly payments, and i'd do the same. What makes my product different is the microphone feature in the app. The client can press a button, which streams to the speakers in the camera. That is my advantage.

My system will be developed on another software that makes applications for mobiel devices. There are probably only 3 people working on this project. The project/ system will be split into 3 equal tasks, which each member will integrate. Of course, this is a collaboration so we will be working closely together, but also on our own. The most challenging issue for testing would be the instrument themselves. We would need to order the cameras from a different company and that might delay our opening day. Federal policy might be an issue here. There will be copyrighted information, so that involves the federal. I'd have to get a permit to release my product. Computers and cameras do lag, so that might be a problem my customers could be facing.

The deployment stage of the product will be assisted with softwares like salesforce. With its organizational software, things will sure be less hectic. There will be a single launch date, that'll just be more easier for organization's sake. My app is really easy to use but for technological- challenged, there will be a youtube/ podcast on how everything works and is done. There will be a faq on the website and it answers all the questions that a person may have. If their question is not on that list, there will be an e-mail personnel ready to answer them. The support staff already had their training months before the opening day of the app/ product. There must be an pre-defined list of criteria. There will be a pre-defined list in every aspect of the development of the product. Besides the email and the faq's, there might not be any alternative ways to answer to the customers at the moment. If the product does well, customer support will be hired to answer phones.

Once the app is perfected and ready to go, marketing and sales would go into work. Like Samantha Jones, my marketing team will see my app like a "star". The app will be free the first 7 days of opening and our users will act like guinea pigs. Like most apps on the iphone, apps are always updating. When we first premiere our app, the response from our clients will let us know what we need to fix. Cookies are one of the most complained about problems and if our app is having any glitches, will fix that problem and offer updates every month or so. The link that classmate, Ms. Castro posted went in depth on what needs to be done in order to have a successful product.

I guess this stage in the life of an app or a system is inevitable. From experience, computers that are old just slow time as time goes by. I'd probably give this app a post-6 month or a year retirement. There will be a new system out there that will better suit the use of the application whether its faster or has better screen-viewing. All the features and functions that are on the previous app before the rollover need to be on the new application. Even with all the updating and software downloads, it seems like the hardware will slow down the apps. After the 6 months- 1 year, the user will be able to re-download the application free of charge.