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Course Outline

Course Title  : Clinical Nursing Practium

Course Code  : NUR205

Course Level  : Year2

No.Of Credits : 4

Pre-Requisites: Clinical Nursing Practicum 1

Co-Requisites : Anatomy&Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Epidemiology, Nursing Professionalism, Nursing Process, Maternal and Child Health,HIV/AIDS, Paediatric, Adolescent, Gerontology Nursing.


This course provides the oppurunity for learners to build on the previous nursing skills in the lab and clinical settings.It allowa learners to transfer knowledge from Maternal and Child Health, Paediatrics, Adolescent, Gerontology Nursing into evidence-based nursing practice,. Learners will be engaged in laboratory simulations and assigned patients along the illness-wellness continum to gain skills competency. Learners will be preceptored in developing critical thinking and effective communication in making decisions about patient care. Emphasis is placed on professional attitudes of learners when interacting with patients, families and other health team members. The learner uses the nursing process to provide individualized care. Learners are assisted to formulate nursing care plans and to document communication accurately. Learners are guided in profwssional conduct and deportment.


  1. Demonstrate increased proficiency in the performance of clinical skills at program level by exhibiting behaviours relative to evidenced-based nursing practice.
  2. Utilize the nursing process in combination with critical thinking as the framework for client-centred care and meeting the needs of the client.
  3. Display effective communication when interacting wtih clients and their families and other members of the health care team, thus building therapeutic relationships, enhancing health promotion advocacy and self-care for optimal health on the illness-wellness continum.
  4. Demonstrate a blend of commitment to professional growth, knowledge of current modalities of client care, contributing to life-long learning.


  • Admission/Discharge of clients
  • Sterile Dressing Change
  • Completing Incident Reports
  • Administration of Medication by Various Routes
    • Orally
    • Parenterally
    • Vaginally
    • Rectally
    • Topically
    • Ophthalmic and Otic Instillations and Iirigations
  • Perioperative Care with emphasis on pre/post operative management

Teaching Methodology

  • Discussion
  • Case History/Scenarios
  • Role-play
  • Self-directed learning
  • Audio-visuals
  • Individual/group presentations
  • Demonstration/Return Demonstration
  • Simulated exercises in skills lab
  • Application of skills in diverse clinical settings


This course will be assessed through practical demonstration in a simulated scenario and on peers.There wil be two(2) course work exams and a comprehensive final practical exam.

  • Demonstration of one(1) skill satisfactorily=20%
  • Practial examination(1)=30%
  • Final practical examination=50%

Practical Examination

The final practical examination is comprehensive and covers both laboratory and clincal activities.The clinlcal practium is comprised of a practical and oral component wtih one(1) hour allocated for each student. The learner must submit the skills book to the examiners for verification.

Required Reading

  • Fundamentals of Nursing:Concepts, Process and Practice
  • Clinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Avanced
  • CFBC, Nursing Procedures and Proctocols Quality Manual