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Contact-new.svg Vaneisha Cadogan
Employer:Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development
Occupation:Senior Education Officer (Ag.)
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I am visiting WikiEducator for the first time at a workshop in Barbados. This is my first posting on the web. How exciting.

Now that I have mastered the basics (using bold and italics) I will use my recently acquired skills to say a little about myself.

Barbados Flag

General Information

My name is Vaneisha Cadogan and I am from the beautiful island of Barbados. Over 265 000 people live on this tiny island of 166 sguare miles. Barbados is known for its lovely beaches characterised by white sand.

Education is compulsory for our children to age 16 years and is free at all levels - from primary to university.

Although we are small, we are not limited in our achievements by our size. The greatest cricketer in the world, Sir Garfield Sobers, is a product of Barbados as well as international star and Grammy Award winner, Rhianna.

Work History

  • I have been an educator all my working life.
    • I taught at the secondary level only - Science/Maths/Physical Education - from 1st to 5th Form.
    • I have been employed at the Ministry of Education for the past eight years as a Curriculum Officer.
    • I am currently Senior Education Officer (Ag.) in the Curriculum and Asessment Unit.

My Interests

  1. I enjoy reading and sports.
  2. I have been involved in sports (mainly Netball and Track & Field) at all levels.
  3. I am currently Secretary of the Barbados Netball Association.

Workshop Expectations

I hope to develop skills with the proficiency that I can share with officers within the unit. In the long term I would wish to contribute to this developing community within the Caribbean and eventually throughout the world.

My Project

Integrated Lessons