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(Comment.gif: Dear Lions, kindly edit this page, and fill in the Infobox_personal with relevant details available now after each equal to sign. Ignore the onces you have no data for but dont delete them.

--Victor P. K. Mensah 07:10, 17 May 2009 (UTC))

Name: Utang Lois Ambe-Bassey

Gender: Female

Nationality: Nigerian (and like I always say...very proud to be)

Country of residence: Nigeria

Education: Public Relations

Work experience: Administration, Business Development, Marketing Communications

Current position: Head of Business Development

Strengths: Very good writing skills (academic essays and others), goal oriented, result driven, very thorough, compliance driver, very positive, energetic, problem-solving skills

Weaknesses: Worried about financial accounting...but then again, nothing that can't be overcome

Why did I enroll in the MBL: Hungry for knowledge, personal growth, networking, exposure, relevance in my sphere of influence.

You are welcome. --Victor P. K. Mensah 17:11, 4 March 2009 (UTC)