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This is the forum page we will use for discussions.
By using the discussions -- you will have the opportunity to interact in the collaborative environment.
Join discussion threads and share thoughts with others :-)

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Click on the relevant discussion thread link in the table below, a new window will open. Click on the edit link and join in the discussion.

Discussion Thread Description
General questions
Use this discussion for any questions, thoughts and ideas.
Introductions Please introduce yourself and tell us something about you. What do you expect to learn? Providing an introduction here will also give you an opportunity to practice .
Thoughts on Problem Statement, Sub Problems and Setting Learning Goals, Distribution of tasks in the group
A discussion on Problem Statement
Individual Contribution, peer Contribution and Progress log The best way to learn how to use a wiki is to work on an OER project. Share ideas with colleagues regarding a project to practice your skills.
Feedback Feedback on real and perceived barriers to problem based learning collaborative approaches, and what we can do to remove these barriers.