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The Engineering profession involves use of designing skills and implementation of technology issues. The M.Tech Course in Computer Technology Applications involve use of technologies for desired client requirements. This Course is developed keeping in mind this unique need of the Engineering Professionals.

Who are the learners?

The Learners are Graduates. The Course is for Post Graduate Level. The Learners are Adults.

What are the teaching objectives?

List what you aim to teach or what you expect the learners to do after working through your teaching materials.

  • Learn about the Content Matter
  • Develop Team Skills
  • Develop Problem Solving skills for the given content

Specifying the characteristics for your resource

What is the subject?

*Course Title : Advanced Computer Networks 
*Course Code  : MCTA-202 of M.Tech (CTA) under RGTU, Bhopal


Higher education


Tertiary education M.Tech Level


The level of difficulty you are planning.In PoBL it would move from Simple to Complex. There are three options:

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Difficult

Intended Audience

Post graduate students.

Enty Level Characteristics

The students have done the basic course in Networking at their graduation level. They are aware of OSI Model, TCP/IP, Protocols. Through the Pretest, their entry level knowledge will be checked.

Learning hours

The intended time that a learner is supposed to spend on the resource, eg 2.5 hours per day, five days a week for each unit

Outcomes of this Course

  • The students will learn through Self Learning, Peer learning and facilitation by the facilitator.
  • The students will learn through web based collaborative tools and work in teams so that the desired solutions are achieved.
  • The students will document the work done as a journal for e-Portfolio and improve their documentation skills .
  • The students will solve the given ill structured problem and develop problem solving skills content.
  • The students will take post test to check the learning for the subject matter

What are the topics?

Content Given in Tabular Form Below

Advanced Computer Network
Unit 1       Layering, Client Server Model, Application Programming, Interfaces, RFCS, Internet Address, Link Layer, SLIP , PPP, Ethernet 802, Encapsulation, IP Header, Routing, Subnet Addressing, Subnet Mask, CIDR, Special Case IP Addesses
Unit 2 Address Resolution Protocol, ARP Cache, Proxy ARP, RARP, Intenet Message Control Protocol (ICMP), IP Routing, Routing Principles, Dynamic Routing, RIPv2, OSPF,BGP
Unit 3 TCP Header, TCP Services, UDP, IP Fragmentation, Broadcasting, Multicasting, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP), Domain Name System (DNS), Resource Records, Caching, DNS Message Format
Unit 4 TCP/IP over ATM, Mobile IP, Private Network Interconnection-NAT,VPN,DHCP,Voice and Video over IP, IPv6,Internet Management SNMP, Socket Programming, RPC and NFC
Unit 5 Basics of Internet, TCP/IP, Addressing and Routing, Internet Applications, WEb Servers and Browsers and Security, Creating Website and the markup languages, Dynamic functionality in Web pages (Introduction to CGI scripts, Java Scripts, Servlets, JSP, ASP,COM, DCOM), Internet and Web Protocols