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Contact-new.svg Jonathan Twigg
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Employer:Istanbul International Community School
Occupation:Primary Vice Principal
Other roles:Dad
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PYP Exhibition - New Model

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What's Up?

The one thing that has stayed with me since I began thinking and teaching is how much is out there. I am constantly overwhelmed by ideas, data, resources, technology and everything else that I can find. I want to know more, do more but feel I am spinning my wheels. This is an opportunity to share and discover what is out there.

Recent Family Fun. You have to stay balance!

Sometime to think about

So you have discovery my page and have scrolled down this far without much of interest to view. I know you think my kids are cute and we are having fun, but is that enough to get you to read on. My role as an educator is moving towards communicating our message successfully. To do this I must create pages that inform and entertain. There are so many great ideas out there and this is the place to share them and develop them. To start I will create a page about an inquiry project that our Grade 6 complete every year. It is a summative assessment of all the knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and uses of action that the students have hopefully been developing during their whole time in Primary School. The key to the success of this inquiry is themselves and their PASSIONS!

My sandbox

Getting my Idea Ready

New Plan

  • Create a page about a curriculum idea (PYP Exhibition)
  • Share it with like minded teachers
  • Develop the idea and update page

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Web Resources

These are some of my Web resources:

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Time to think back over the last two weeks and consider the following:
  • What do you now know about wikis?
  • How can you use your new skills?
  • What questions do you still have?