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Talofa and hello to all the users of the wikieducator. I am a new user and today 23rd March 2009 is the first day of our training on wikieducator, which is currently held at the National University of Samoa This is an exciting moment for me because I will surely meet and share with many more educators who see education with passion and continue to share knowledge which drives the future of mankind in every aspect of life.

About Myself

I am a science curriculum officer for the secondary schools in Samoa.

Name: Tamasoalii Saivaise Sex Male Age Forty nine

I work for the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture and some of the work I do includes:

    • training of teachers
    • monitoring the curriculum implementation
    • assisting preparation and marking of national examinations
    • reviewing the secondary and primary science curriculum
    • storage and selling of science equipment and chemicals
    • verification of internal assessment
    • other tasks required by thye Ministry


These are:

    1. playing rugby, touch football and soccer
    2. fishing
    3. camping

My Sandbox Learning4Content User:Igale

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