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Te Hekenga - the Journey Home #DS4OER

This course is to help Maori and Pasifika Students create the links to find their own way home to Kainga or marae following

the migration paths, stories and whakapapa links of their ancestors relatives and whanau

What's it About?

The way back home is found by students discovering who they are, where they have come from and why their ancestors left the places they resided in.

Its a research inquiry based on the oral and traditional histories of their iwi, whanau and hapu supplemented with historical documents and writings.

Learning Objectives

* Students will build the resources to show their way home

* Students will find the links to their home kainga and marae

* Students will connect with their whakapapa and relatives

* Students will blog, vlog and image their journeys home        

        == What's Involved? == Students will access the databases to discover who they are, talk to their relatives, cousins and family about their family history and whakapapa 

Students will record their journeys of identity and community with their whanau, relatives and community  

  == What Prerequisites Should I Have? == Students should be prepared to talk to their relatives, whanau and communities about who they are and where they come from.

Students need and open mind, resourcefulness and the willingness to work on the project with assistance for as long as it take to find their way home.

Course metrics

  • Time in class: 15 hours ( 5 weeks work)
  • Homework Time: 15 hours ( 5 weeks homework)
  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Assessment: Self reviwed, Peer Reviwed, Whanau Revieed
  • Formal credit option: No
  • Level: Year 9 in New Zealand First Year of Secondary school