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Community schools in Zambia

The current government has issued a policy of transforming the schools in disadvantaged communities.

  1. Gradually, the schools will be taken over by government.
    1. comunity schools
      1. mikomfwa community school
  2. They will be run by the Ministry of Educations, Science, Vocational and Early Childhood Education (MESVECE). This entails that the ministry will send qualified personnel to these schools.
  3. The plight of the current teachers who are not qualified is in suspense. It is not known exactly what will become of these teachers. However, it is certain that the ministry would not use unqualified teachers. Eventually, these teachers would be out in the streets joining many others still looking for a livelihood. This may not immediate but eventually it will take place. The project would still be the platform to assist the teachers out of the situation mentioned above.

The teachers in the disadvantaged communities are the most disadvantaged of all teachers, precisely because they volunteer to teach at their own expense. This situation and policy by the government may worsen the situation for these teachers. File:Learner support team with cicetekelo youth project officials.jpg

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