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About me

I am chaga by tribe, 25 years old, am single and leave at Dar es salaam.


Am recently graduate at university of Dar es salaam and i was pursuer bachelor of geography and Environmental studies, and am interesting with a researches, I work with organization called TAYEN (Tanzania Youth Environmental club at university of Dar es salaam) We educate and sensitize youth about environment hazard and disasters also were dealing with other marginal groups who are seriously affected with environmental calamities, we are more . Am Competent enough in various issues

  1. Environmental conservation and management #integrated natural resources management
  2. Project Planning and Management
  3. Monitoring and evaluation
  4. Environmental education
  5. Environmental Policy and Planning,
  6. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  7. Social science research methods
  8. Water Resource Management
  9. Tourism
  10. Urban planning and Management
  11. remote sensing
  12. land evaluation and soil science
  13. ecology and geology.
disaster when it strike

What should we do

we should serve the world before its too later

Please we need your option and your contributions

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