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  1. Alfred Noble got rich on his invention of dynamite and then later a the Noble Peace Prize was instituted as a yearly award. What is the irony here?
  2. Explain the relationship between Militarism and Social Darwinism? Describe the relationship between Social Darwinism and the scientific ideas of Darwin?
  3. Explain the powder keg metaphor as it relates to the start of WWI
  4. Tell the story from the events in Serbia to the involvement of all of Europe in war. How did the all of Europe get involved?
  5. Explain the 3 reasons the textbook gives for the entry of the U.S. into the conflict.
  6. What is propaganda? What is censorship? How were they used in the war effort?
  7. Define reparations and armistice and explain their use in describing the end of WW1?
  8. Treaties are supposed to be agreements. Explain why the Versailles Treaty is viewed by historians as not really an agreement?