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  • For further information on making a promising carrier choice visit the college's website at
  • You may find further information on carrier choice at the collegewebsite
  • For references on nursing as a carrier choice visit [1]
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Web Resources

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:
  1. Browse the web for credible resources
  2. Critque resources found on the web
  3. Recommend credible sources to students

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After Reading chapters 4-6,Complete the following exercises in appendix C

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Assessment for this course will be done through

  • an oral quiz at the end of the first 2 weeks of the semester (10 %)
  • a practical exercise 2 weeks after the oral quiz and a (20%)
  • written examination which will be given at the end of the semester 70%

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Read chapter 2 before completing exercise in appendix C


Anthropometric Measures

Course Outline