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Where did the Africans originate from?

In the Ark that God told Noah to build, eight people entered and survived the flood. These were Noah and his wife, Noah's three sons (Shem, Ham and Japheth), and their wives. The three sons of Noah were the ancestors of all the people of this earth.

Noah became a farmer, and he planted vineyards. One day, Noah drank wine and he became drunk. He removed his clothes, and lay naked in his tent. His son Ham saw him, and he laughed at his father. He then went to tell his brothers. Shem and Japheth covered their father by going backwards. When Noah woke up, he blessed Shem and Japheth, and cursed Ham's son, named Canaan.

Shem became the father of the inhabitants originally from the continent Asia. Japhet became the father of the inhabitants originally from the continent Europe. Ham became the father of the inhabitants originally from the continent Africa.

Now the question is, are African cursed because of what Ham did?

The answer is no!

In fact, Ham had other sons who settled in Africa.

The Canaanites settled in what is referred to as Middle East today.

God then called a man by the name Abram, whom he later re-named as Abraham, to depart from his native land or Ur of the Chaldeans or Babylonia (present Iraq today), to inherit the land of Canaan. Abraham moved with his father Terah, his wife Sarai (whom God later re-named as Sarah), his nephew Lot and brother Nahor, to move to the land of Canaan, but on the way, the settled in Haran or Mesopotamia (Present Syria, Turkey, Lebanon region). It was in Haran that God called Abraham to go to Canaan. God blessed Abraham so much that whoever would come along and bless Abraham, God would also bless, and whoever would come and curse Abraham, God would also curse.

In the Bible, we trace the origin of Africans to Ham, Noah, Lamech, and eventually to Adam the first person created by God.

Who is cursed?

Every human being is born cursed because of what Adam did, when he disobeyed God and eat on the tree of life, and of knowledge of good and bad.

All you need to do to be cursed is to be born into this world.

Are we therefore doomed if we are all cursed by birth?

The answer is no! This is the reason the Son of God, Jesus Christ was born into this world about 2000 years ago. For the Bible says, God so loved the world that He sent His begotten son, that whoever may believe in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. Jesus Christ became the curse, so that those of us who are born cursed, and that means all of us, may be saved. What we need to do is to believe in Jesus Christ, and to accept Him as our Lord and Saviour.

Through the blood of Jesus, we are saved and God has given us the right to be children of God. What an amazing grace!