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The Adalite Wars of 1524-1543 accelerated the era and events of the Great Ethiopian Ethnic Migrations of the period 1520 to 1660, during which the following vast and diverse tribal and ethnic groups of Ganz, Gudela, Wetogira, Gadabicho, Alaba, Kabena, Ulbarag, Silti, Sheshago, Malge, and Bushe (the Hadiya-Sidama people) ; of Itu, Arsi, Kereyu, Wollo, Tulama, and Mecha (Baretuma-Borana Oromo people); of Derasa, Damot, Gafat, Enariya, Bosha, Adal, and of Somali peoples partially or totally moved from earlier positions in Southern Ethiopia.

In detail the events took place as follows. First, as the consequences of the foregoing two concomitant events of the Adalite Wars of 1524-1543 and the Great Ethnic Migrations of 1520-1660, the ancient and indigenous people of Bali, Dawaro, Adal, Sharka, Fatagar, Maya, Damot, Gafat, Bosha, Enariya, Conga, and Bizamo either totally disappeared from their ancestral lands or were assimilated by the new nomadic immigrant tribes of Oromo, Somali, and Afar.

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Then, the various ancient Hadiya-Sidama groups of Gadayco, Gudela, Diho, Hadabo, Ganz, Saga, Gab, Kabena, Gogala, Alaba, Ulbarag, Silti, Wetogira, Sheshago, Malge, Bushe, and Mareko permanently left their ancestral region of today’s southern Shewa and northwestern Sidamo where they had began a process of assimilation with the local peoples of Gurage, Kembata, and Derasa (Gedeo).

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