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Full Name: Solomon Tefera
Date of Birth : 23 May, 1973
Place of Birth : Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Marital status : Married
Religion : Christian
Nationality: Ethiopian

Current Address

Dr Solomon Tefera
University of Swaziland
Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Animal Production and Health
P.O. m205 Luyengo Campus

Work Experience

Currently I am a lecturer in the University of Swaziland, Faculty of Agriculture I teach in the area of Range and Pasture Science, Fish farming, Apiculture, Research Methods and in disciplines related to animal Production.

Research interest and goals

My research interest and goals include population dynamics of savannas and impact assessment of interventions in terms land uses, expansion of agriculture, development of water ponds and Diptanks in the marginal communal and private cattle and game rangelands, restoration of degraded rangelands, invasion of rangelands by alien plants, ethno-botany of rangeland plants and wild food/feed plants, Indigenous knowledge and perceptions of the communal people towards rangeland degradation and integration of the IK in rangeland development and rehabilitation interventions, restoration of rangelands from the soil seed banks, Impact assessment of global climate change on rangeland vegetation cover, diversity and composition as well as on soil characteristics, Investigation of nutritive value and in vitro fermentation of herbaceous and browse plants on rangelands, and developing selected species to be utilized at communal-small scale and/or commercial-large scale level. My research interest and goal also include the use and development of statistical methods to understand and analyse ecological variables on rangelands.