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my name is Talib Saleh Suleiman working under the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Zanzibar. currently, I am working as a Chief Veterinary Officer under the Department of Veterinary Services.

Educaion background

profesionally, I am veterinarian gradueated from university of Khartom with MSc from Sokoine University of Agriculture before comming back to my institution to continued with work.

interest in research

I like doing research in animal diseases and animal breeding. for the time being I am working on the improvement of local chicken to enhence their genetic makeup using exotic breeds. this research activities I am doing now have raised three type of croses with improved growth rate and egg production. actually, now I am looking foward to see the actual performance of these crosess in terms of growth, feed consumption, disease tollerence and so on.

the image of zanzibar

past position

  • Veterinary Officer
  • head of Artificial Insemination Services
  • head of Veterinary Investigation Centre

Past Research

  1. Sarcoptes scabiei in bovine
  2. surveillance in bovine Mastitis

link to my booklet link to my business plan

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