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AT Success Story

Assistive Technology can help people with disabilities in many ways. Do an Internet search to find an AT Success Story that is particularly inspiring for you. Companies that manufacture or market assistive technology products will often have success stories on their web sites. Disability web sites will often include such stories as well. Success stories can also be found by entering the words "AT Success Story" in an Internet search engine.

  1. Locate an AT success story by doing a search on the Internet.
  2. Write a brief summary of this story and include why this story made an impression on you.
  3. Include the URL for the story.
  4. Submit to the wiki.

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Creative Commons makes it flow.

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Course Title

Module 1: Assistive Technology: An Overview



At the end of this module, you will be able to:

provide a definintion of assisitve technology,
list examples of assistive technology devices,
by category,
by type,
high; and
provide an overview of the three major laws that address the provision of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.

Reading Assignments

  1. Reed, P. & Lahm, E. (2005). A Resource Guide for Teachers and Administrators about Assistive Technology (general edition) Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative.
  2. Oklahoma State Department of Education Special Education Services. Technical Assistance Document "Assistive Technology for Children and Youth with Disabilities"
  3. The Texas Assistive Technology Network. Providing Assistive Technology: A Legal Perspective
Read the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • Presentation with Notes
  • Resource Guide

Learning Activities