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At the end of this tutorial you will be able to:

  • write a sroryboard
  • develop creative lessons
  • develop interactive lessons

Storyboard writing

At NAMCOL we use PowerPoint to develop our lessons. Steps:

* Recruit a team of experts (2 content experts);
* Use the syllabus to decide on the different topics, this is normally done by looking at
the exam reports of previous years;
* Have a training session where process is explained and part-time staff is introduced to
storyboard writing;
* Set specific target dates;
* Work out a production schedule and discuss it with all team members;
* The content writer writes a content resource pack specifically for PowerPoint storyboard
* Once content is received it is handed ove to the content editor;
* After content is edited the storyboard developer (full-time programme developer which is
not necessarily a content expert) receives it;
* After completion of storyboard the first quality assurrance session takes place (all
programme developers are involved and if possible the content writer and content editor);
* Lesson goes back to programme developer to incorporate changes;
* The language editor is the next person in the link;
* Once language editing is completed it goes to the Desk Top Publisher for animations and web-
page development;
* Another quality assurrance session will than take place.

In developing good, innovative lessons follow the link and develop creative lessons.