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About Me
This is sutapa.

I am Sutapa Bedajna. I was born on the September-1970 at Kotoalipara,Gopalgonj in Bangladeshi. Now I live in Khulna City.I am daughter of Kamalash Bedajna. Kamalash Bedajna was a great freedom fighter. He was killed by Hemayetuddain.I lost my father form childhood. I have one daughter & one son. My Mother was a School teacher. Now she is retard.My hasband is an eye specialist.He is very good man.

Working Area:
  1. Student of wikieducator
  2. working as a program Coordinator of Rupantar,Khulna,Bangladesh
  3. Human Rights Worker
  4. Woman activist

Training received:
  1. Early Child hood Devlop
  2. Gender & Devlopment-2001
  3. Human & Civic Right

PERSONAL INFORMATION Father’s Name:Late Kamalash Bedajna Mother’s Name:Uma Dabi Date of Birth:September 1970 Religion: Hindu by born Marital Status: Married Permanent Add: District: Khulna. Bangladesh. Nationality: Bangladeshi by birth.

This is Sutapa.

History of Khulna

  1. Khulna is the divitional city.

History of farazipara

my sand box

my sand box

New page

Rupantar is an NGO[1].It works in collaboration with COL[2]

Rupantar is an Ngohere for more detail

  1. History of Banglagesh
    1. History of Khulna
    2. History of farajipara
  2. history of humenbeing
    1. history of man
    2. history of woman
This is sutapa.Now i am in L4C workshop.Anil Dada is our teacher

  1. Picture gallery
  2. Picture gallery
  1. Media:L4C60-KHULNA.mp3
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Contact-new.svg Sutapa Bedajna
Other roles:voluntarri service

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  2. objective-2

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Key points
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Sl name Organization Address
1, Sutapa Rupantar Khulna
2, Suvro Rupantar Khulna
3, Mofiz Rupantar Khulna