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सूसन दिक्षन         सुसन       

So this is the sandbox. Where is the sand? Perhaps... I better go back to the playpen, And await my command.

Finally, I am so excited! I found my command!

Create an external link by typing the full URL of a website.

Create an external link by typing "pretty words" not an "ugly" URL.

I hope there will be an opening in  Engaging Students in Cooperative Learning.

 1.  I can change the title or description.

I hope there will be an opening in   Cooperative Learning.

(Interesting, I clicked on the edit/link button, changed the title, and ended up with a red link. After looking back on the instructions I find that clicking on the edit/link button is not necessary. I will try again.)

Red Links - I must check for a typing error.

The tutorial says,  "Red links indicate an internal link for a new page in the wiki and therefore this cannot be a valid external link. Always type the full URL address, including the "http:// prefix, using lower case letters."

Next Try

I hope there will be an opening in  Cooperative Learning

This time it worked. I must remember that to change the title or description I need NOT select the edit/link button.

 2.  I can create a link without entering the title first. The result is a link URL minus the http://

 3.  I can edit the URL by placing the cursor in the blue and selecting insert/edit/link and modifying.