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My Sandbox

Contact-new.svg Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar
Employer:Genpact India
Occupation:Instructional Design
Languages:Hindi and English

About Me

I am an eLearning professional. You can see my profesional profile at LinkedIn.

My Course

I plan to develop an eLearning course on Rainwater Harvesting. This coure is designed for the trainers who, in turn, will train the members of Gram Panchayats all over India. This course seeks to teach them rainwater harvesting and will discuss:

  • Key concepts of rainwater harvesting
  • Need for rainwater harvesting
  • Process of harvesting rainwater

Course Outline

This course will discuss about:

  • Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting
  • Need for Rainwater Harvesting
  • Mechanism of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Process of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Role of Community Participation in Rainwater Harvesting
  • Role of Assistance from Government and NGOs
  • Government Policies on Rainwater Harvesting

Course Objective

At the end of this course, the learners will be able to:

  • Define rainwater harvesting
  • Recognize the need for rainwater harvesting
  • Describe the process of rainwater harvesting
  • Explain the advantages of rainwater harvesting
  • Recognize the role of community participation in rainwater harvesting
  • Describe the role of assistance from government and NGOs in rainwater harvesting
  • Identify the government policies on rainwater harvesting