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A Bit About Me

Hello I am a Grade 8 Island Pacific School student doing an IB middle school program. I enjoy Ballet, Piano, and playing in the snow!I also enjoy playing cards, hot chocolate and singing, (which for some reason no likes me to do)and I like to read
  • one turtle
  • two guinie pigs
  • three chip munks <------My Pets
  1. four lions
  2. five tiger

One of my favorite things (well three)

  1. Golden Compass Movie
  2. Philip Pullman - is the author
  3. Golden Compass Book - the book is better

Rain bow.jpg mysandbox


Funky print.jpg Fred astaire.jpg

I Like To...

  • Skate
  • Ski
  • Swim
  • Climb
  • Dancing

Point shoes.jpg