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India is a country of social diversity. To maintain harmony among all sections of the society, the Constitution of India has adopted federal political structure. The democracy of the country also helps in maintaining social unity. Three kinds of social differences need special attention namely: Gender, Religion and Castes. Some of the Fundamental Rights are enshrined in the Constitution with this purpose only. The Directive Principles of State Policies also help in maintaining the social fabric of India. Sometimes the political manifestations of these identities do create problems, but the constitution meets these challenges successfully.


The study of this chapter will enable you to:

  • explain the social structure of India;
  • discuss the role of gender, religion and caste in society;
  • enlist the constitutional provisions that help in maintaining the social fabric of India;
  • describe the role of politics behind the expression of such identities; and
  • illustrate our role in maintaining social harmony.