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Welcome to Stonefields School

Being a foundation learner in a brand new school does not present itself often. The chance to learn in an environment designed specifically to meet the needs of 21st century learners is an exciting opportunity.

Stonefields School is a learning organisation that endeavours to personalise learning for each individual. It is a place that is committed to building the necessary knowledge and competencies for students to thrive and succeed in learning and life.

The School, opened on 3rd February 2011, is located at the centre of the Stonefields development and is anessential part of ensuring a sense of community and partnership is established.

We look forward to working with you as Stonefields School evolves as a dynamic, future focused learning establishment.


Opening 3 February, 2011

We believe developing each learner holistically is critical in creating curious individuals who think and relate well to others. There are four overarching principles that Stonefields School believes each individual will acquire during their 8 years.



Our Teaching and Learning Principles

1. Each learner will develop a knowledge of themselves;

· know what to do when they are stuck in their learning.

· develop the necessary foundation literacies (Reading, Writing, Numeracy) to be able to learn on their own e.g. 'Read to Learn'

2. Each learner is able to relate, actively participate and contribute in a range of groups and communities.

3. Each learner will develop a curious, questioning and thinking mind. They will develop the necessary tools, strategies and processes that will enable them to learn deeply and grow the essential concepts to make sense of their world.

4. Each learner will be encouraged and challenged to 'break through' in their learning. Celebrating personal mastery and success is essential in developing a sense of purpose and fulfillment. · know what their talents, strengths and challenges are.

Ma te whakaaro ni e hanga te whare Ma te matauranga e whakau Through vision a house is built Through education it is stabilised.


Our draft Inquiry model

The vision principles are reinforced in various ways.  One of the ways this has been done is through the use of our four puppets

Rocky - Building Learning Capacity

Peebles - Collaborating

Roxanne - Making Meaning

Cliff - Breaking Through

Future Focused (3rd Millenium) Environments School Website - Learning Spaces