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About me

My name is Stephen Mureithi, a Kenyan Land Resource Management Specialist. At present I am working as a Tutorial Fellow at the University of Nairobi, Department of Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology (LARMAT). I teach the following courses: Land Degradation and Rehabilitation (MSc); Land Evaluation for Agric. Planning (4th Yr); Soil and water Management (4th Yr); Landforms and Soil Formation (1st Yr); Land Information Systems (3rd Yr); Environmental Hydrology (2nd Yr). I am conducting a number of research projects as a PI or Co-PI: a) Participatory rehabilitation of degraded grazing lands in Mukogodo group ranches, Laikipia, Kenya [PI]; b) Assessing the effects of enclosures and land-use planning on carbon sequestration and ecosystem health in rehabilitated African Savannah [PI]; c) Ecological restoration of gullies using hay bales in degraded grazing lands in Laikipia, Kenya [PI]. I have conducted many consultancies: involving Land Degradation and Rehabilitation, Land use planning, Pastoral livelihoods, and Biodiversity Conservation in drylands.

My research and academic interests are:

  1. Application of soil and range science knowledge to sustainable management of natural resources, and especially land and participatory land use planning in drylands.
  2. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing tools to land-use/NRM planning and decision-making, and in evaluation and management of land resources.
  3. Watershed Management and Soil and water management in the tropics.
  4. Land degradation in arid environments, degradation assessment protocols, rangeland restoration and improvement, especially enhancing revegetation of indigenous plant species.
  5. Plant-soil interactions and land quality monitoring in natural, disturbed and restored ecosystems – developing indicators of change.
  6. Multi-use ecosystem carbon sequestration approaches in drylands (addressing climate change, conservation of biodiversity and pastoral livelihoods).
  7. Web 2.0 for Rural Development through information sharing.
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Selected Publications

1. Opiyo FEO, WN Ekaya, DM Nyariki and SM Mureithi. 2011. Effects of seedbed preparation on morphometric characteristics of three perennial grasses in a semi-arid rangeland in Kenya. African journal of Plant Sciences, In Press.

2. Opiyo F.E.O., Mureithi S.M. and Ngugi R.K. 2011. Water availability influence on pastoralist’s resource use in Mwingi and Kitui Districts in eastern Kenya. J. Hum. Ecol. 35(1): 43-52

3. Ngugi, R.K., Mureithi S.M. and Kamande P.N. 2011. Climate forecast information: The status, needs and expectations among smallholder agro-pastoralists in Machakos District, Kenya. Journal of Current Research, In Press.

4. Mureithi, S.M., Verdoodt, A., Wasonga, V.O., de Naave, S. and Van Ranst E. (Revised). Impact of enclosure age and management type on the soil nutrients and microbial biomass in a rehabilitated semi-arid rangeland, Kenya. Arid Land Research and Management.

5. Verdoodt, A., Mureithi S.M. and Van Ranst E. 2010. Impacts of management and enclosure age on recovery of the herbaceous rangeland vegetation in semi-arid Kenya. Journal of Arid Environments 74, 1066 - 1073.

6. Mureithi, S. M., Verdoodt, A. and Van Ranst E. 2010. Effects and implications of enclosures for rehabilitating degraded semi-arid rangelands: Critical lessons from Lake Baringo Basin, Kenya. In: Land Degradation and Desertification: Assessment, Mitigation and Remediation. (Pandi Zdruli, Marcello Pagliai, Selim Kapur and Angel Faz Cano, Eds). Springer Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York. DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-8657-0. 490pp. 111-130.

7. Kahi, C.H., Ngugi, R.K., Mureithi,S.M. and J.C. Ng’ethe. 2009. The effects of Prosopis juliflora Hyne (DC) and Acacia tortilis (Forssk) trees on herbaceous plants species and soil physical and chemical properties, on Njemps flats Baringo District, Kenya. Tropical and Sub-tropical Ecosystems 10 (3) (441-449).

8. Verdoodt A., Mureithi SM., Liming Ye and Eric Van Ranst. 2009. Chronosequence analysis of two enclosure management strategies in degraded rangeland of semi-arid Kenya. Elsevier J. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 129 (1-3): 332–339

9. Marina Butylkina, Lilit Mirzoyan and Stephen M. Mureithi. 2003. Spatial structure of the population of Fat Sand Rat Psammomys obesus in the vicinity of Sede Boqer. Project Paper in Sixth International Course on Conservation of Biodiversity in Desert Ecosystems. Albert Kartz Institute of Desert Studies, Ben Gurion University, Israel

My contacts

Stephen M. Mureithi

Department of Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology (LARMAT)

University of Nairobi

P. O. Box 29053 Nairobi, 00625





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