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The institute of IARS was established in 1998 with great dedication of the minister General Anuruddha Rathwatte. From the beginning to the present professor Kshanika hiriburegama is the director. In the beginning there were about few members involved in tissue culture activities. But recently that number was increased until 26 members. IARS was at weligatta new town as the middle of Hambantota and Tissamaharama main towns. The boundaries of the institute are representing by Bundala forest, Weligatta village and Hambantota – Tissamaharama main road. There are about 300 acres belongs to the institute and the main production area is about three acres. The institute consists with two tissue culture laboratories, three green houses, an auditorium, office and a store room. IARS was started as an aid project to the people those lived at remote areas with minimal infrastructural facilities. Main objectives were rebuilding their life status especially through economical improvements and give stability to their lives. At present annual production of tissue cultured banana plants is more than 180,000 and the demand is more than 1,000,000 due to high yield, good quality and good marketable price for tissue cultured banana. The institute certifies that tissue cultured banana plants produce having vigorous growth, high yield, good quality fruits, early maturity and free from pests and diseases