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About me

personal info

hey, I am Sphe Fakude from the University of Zululand. I am the honours student in the department of computer science.


my main profesional interest is in software development, main the security part. its an interesting field which is greatly challenging, as it requires one to frequently discover new ways on how to keep the system secured as much as possible.
apple is so wonderful. I really like it

when joining the community, my expectation is collaboration and focused team work, and hence would like to work with people who are committed to what they are doing. By doing that, we would definitely achieve our goal.

professional experience

currently, I don't have any professional experience. I obtained my Bsc degree in computer science and physics at the University of Zululand which i studied for the past three years(2010-2012).

Favourate links

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SCPS111- introductory computing