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Steven Parker - Contact me:


Skype ID: sparkered

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I work as an education technologist ICT administrator, resource developer, web 2.0 trainer and ICT facilitator in the Vocational Training and Education (VTE) industry TAFE.

I deliver presentations, publications and workshops on Web 2.0, networked learning and managing organisational change.

My focus is the application of emergent Web 2.0 technologies within VTE education, in particular the use of networked learning business models and facilitation methods to empower organisation's through their people's talents knowledge and skills.

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My interests are in:

  • Systems and processes for managing organisation innovation, 'Information Flow', Group Learning & the Professional Development Process in learning organisations, in particular the role of management as an enabler to facilitate change...
  • The systematic adoption of open technologies within VET and the educational possibilities of the emergent 3D virtual learning systems such as SecondLife...

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